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There are some conditions I require before working with anyone.

You have Goals

If you don’t have any idea of your goals, it will be much harder to get to where you want to be. You need clear and specific goals. If you don’t then be prepared to work with me to define them.

You have an Audience

Building an audience through things like blogging, podcasting, interviews, white papers, presentations, speaking and education is central to getting new customers online. If you don’t already have an audience then be prepared to build one.


You have a Budget

If you want to make a difference with your business while you’re on this planet, then you’ll need to invest in your online marketing. I will not work for equity in your start-up. I create websites and digital marketing that generate results, I don’t cut corners. If you think that you only need to budget for a new website, then you’ll be disappointed when you launch with zero promotion. If you want to make a difference, then you need to have a powerful website and targeted digital marketing.


You have Passion

When things are going wrong and you’re stuck in a rut, passion is the fuel you need to pick yourself up and keep on going. If you’re not passionate about what you do, then it’s extra hard to build an audience and get more customers. If you don’t have passion, then we might not be a good fit.

You have a Team

If you’re running your business without any type of team around you, it’s going to be tough to get more customers and I’ll take some convincing to take your job on. Maybe you could simply hire a VA for a few hours a week, or a fully fledged content production team, either way you’re going to need help to move forward.

You want the Personal Touch

If you want to be treated like a human and not a number, we’d love to hear from you. We’re small, easy to contact and unlike larger agencies, you’ll probably be having the same great relationship with the same people a few years from now.

You have the Time

Building a website and digital marketing needs collaborative work and discussion between you and me. If we work together, I will need your undivided attention. If you’re not serious about that, then we may not be a good fit.


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