Homepage Re-design (Mobile Friendly)

  • CLIENT: Henneke Duistermaat / Enchanting Marketing


  • Strategic Planning
  • Homepage Redesign
  • Convert to Mobile Friendly Website

Brief & Objectives

  • Increase opt-ins for writing course
  • Make the branding more personal
Before Redesign


  • Conversion rate increased by up to 30.4%
  • Design & performance exceeded expectations
New Homepage - After redesign

About Henneke & Enchanting Marketing

Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent copywriter, marketer and business coach. She’s the author of two 5-star rated books about writing and blogging, and she’s a regular contributor to popular marketing blogs like KISSmetrics and Copyblogger. Henneke has a collection of impressive testimonials from some of the world’s most influential marketers, including Neil Patel, Brian Clark & Sally Hogshead.

[VIDEO] – Mobile Friendly Web Design

“Henneke knows how to engage and inspire readers, and she’s an excellent teacher. And that’s why you should follow her every word.”Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media

In Henneke’s Own Words

“When I started my business, I was nervous about showing myself online, and I didn’t have a clue how to portray myself. As an agency? Or as an independent consultant? As a blogger or a business? As a content marketer or a writer? My ideas were fuzzy, and my home page reflected that. I knew it was time for a change. My home page had to ooze more personality. This business is about me connecting with you. No faceless company. No gobbledygook. But a human touch. This wasn’t a vanity or branding project. As my business is evolving from freelance copywriting to selling books and e-courses, the home page had to reflect this change. Growing my email list and engaging my readers are my top priorities.”
“Overall, the design and its performance have exceeded my expectations.”Henneke Duistermaat
Sometimes when you work with web developers, you get the feeling they’re in a rush.

They want to get a project finished in as little time as possible so they can maximise their hourly rate. They don’t particularly care about the quality of what their work.

With Mark, this is not the case. He focuses on quality.

Mark is incredibly thorough in his work. For my project, we started with collecting all information that would help enhance my credibility. Mark even dug out a quote from the comment section of an interview with me on Forbes, and he encouraged me to get testimonials from people I’ve worked with. We also discussed several websites and why I liked them, and what I didn’t like about them.”

“The new design feels a lot more personal than the previous version, and I have received lots of positive feedback.”Henneke Duistermaat
“We set out to add more personality to my home page and to increase opt-ins to my email list. During the whole process, Mark listened to my wishes. The new design feels a lot more personal than the previous version, and I have received lots of positive feedback. While I have not done a proper A/B test, the conversion rate on my home page has been up by 30.4% since introducing the new design.

Overall, the design and its performance have exceeded my expectations.”

Crucially, what did the users think?

Henneke asked her readers what they thought of the new homepage re-design.

“I love how the new homepage doesn’t bombard with options. It’s simple, it’s eye-catching, it’s engaging. In short, it’s bloody brilliant!”Samar (Website User)
” I really like what you’ve done with your homepage. Simple, not too cluttered and very effective.”Andrew (Website User)
“Love the new homepage Henneke! And congrats – those testimonials are pretty sweeeeeeet!”Sonia (Website User)
“Totally agree with Sonia here. The home page is stellar. As Samar said, I love how you added the little voice clip.”Darren (Website User)

More about Mobile Friendly Web Design

Over half the searches on Google are now from mobile. That means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly you really are leaving a lot of money on the table.

When prospects come to your website, they need to be able to get the answers they came for….whatever device they’re using. Your website must follow mobile design best practices.

Thousands of users flock to Henneke’s website each week, which means every month the re-designed homepage is viewed thousands of times.
Henneke cares a lot about her website audience and she is now safe in the knowledge that everyone will be able to see the homepage without a problem, whichever device they’re using.

Usability on Mobile is Key

You can see that we designed Henneke’s home page to be easy to read and easy to use on a wide variety of devices, from desktops, laptops, tablets to smartphones.
Over the last couple of years, this kind of mobile friendly design has really taken off, but there are a lot of considerations to be taken into account when applying its principles. Even if a web design agency says that they produce mobile friendly web sites and know the keys to mobile web design, you need to make sure that they’re doing mobile well.
You can get a website that’s designed to be ‘mobile friendly’, but which is still difficult to use on a mobile. Doesn’t make sense right? But it happens a lot more than you’d think.

Think about Mobile Users first.

When we re-designed Henneke’s homepage, we did it knowing that there aren’t just 4 sizes of screen that people will use to view it.

There are 100s of differently sized devices out there, with a huge range of different screen sizes – we had to make sure everyone could view the new page.
The design and layout changes when the width of the website reduces. The content cleverly adjusts depending on the size of the Internet browser or screen.
Many mobile friendly websites fail in their goal because the images fail to resize.
You can see how we avoid this on Henneke’s website, when the photo of Henneke is initially located on the left for wider screens and it then moves to the centre for more narrow screens. Henneke really wanted to make her branding more personal so this was a WIN WIN. Great for branding and fantastic for her audience.

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